User Centered Design Overview

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UCD[User Centered Design]An overview of2i am aaron HURSMANi live in dallas, TEXASi do user EXPERIENCEi work @RACETOWINi tweet @HURSMANSOUNDI cant find anything on this site.Why do I have to click so many times to do anything?I hate this system, because it is impossible to use.I like the old one better.This site so ugly, it hurts my eyes!These fields should be filled in automatically.This system is so clunky.This is taking way longer than it should.Why are all these fields required?This isnt what I thought would happen.I must have clicked on the wrong thingThis system is missing a critical feature I need to do my job.Ill just have to find the data myself and dump it to a spreadsheet.Why are requirements taking so long to define?When can I see what the system will look like?This isnt what I expected the screen to look like.There arent enough details in this requirements specification.The requirements specification is too detailed to consume.Why isnt anyone using the system?Why arent we seeing the ROI we anticipated?It was just user error.Thats a training issue.familiar?34 the same thing over and over again and expecting DIFFERENTresults?5refreshtime to centered design?What ISUser Centered Design (UCD) is an iterative methodology that puts the user at the center of all design decisions. 7User centered design?What ISUser Centered Design (UCD) is an iterative methodology that puts the user at the center of all design decisions. 8User centered design?What ISUCD is a DESIGN philosophyand approach enabled by a wealth of disciplines and design methods.9GOAL OF UCD?What IS THE10GOAL OF UCD?What IS THEThe ultimate goal of UCD is to optimize a user's experience of a system, product, or process.The ultimate goal of UCD is to optimize a user's experience of a system, product, or process.11GOAL OF UCD?What IS THEUCD looks to realize this goal by considering the user perspectiveduring all phases of the development lifecycle.12 PERSPECTIVE?What IS THE13NEEDS AND WANTSUSER perspective NO. 1:, MOTIVATION, AND TRIGGERSUSER perspective NO. 2: AND LimitationsUSER perspective NO. 3:, Activities, AND BehaviorsUSER perspective NO. 4: AND LanguageUSER perspective NO. 5: AND GearUSER perspective NO. 6: LIFE AND EXPERIENCEUSER perspective NO. 7: the perspective a user brings to a system enables us to design that system to meet their needs.20UCD disciplines?21What are theVisualDesign22UCD disciplines?What are theInteractionDesign VisualDesign23UCD disciplines?What are theResearch24InteractionDesign VisualDesignUCD disciplines?What are theResearch25InteractionDesign VisualDesignInformationArchitectureUCD disciplines?What are theInteractionDesign VisualDesignResearch InformationArchitecture Usability26UCD disciplines?What are theUCD PROCESS?What IS the27UCD PROCESS?What IS theRESEARCHCONCEPT DESIGNEVALUATE28UCD PROCESS?What IS theRESEARCH29UCD PROCESS?What IS theRESEARCHCONCEPT30UCD PROCESS?What IS theRESEARCHCONCEPT DESIGN31UCD PROCESS?What IS theCONCEPT DESIGNEVALUATE32How about an example?33Interviews PersonasStoryboard SketchPaper PrototypeUsability TestingHi-Fidelity PrototypeUsability TestingHi-Fidelity PrototypeUsability Testing3435 OF UCD?What ARE the43BENEFITS OF UCD?What ARE the44BENEFITS OF UCD?What ARE the45BENEFITS OF UCD?What ARE the46BENEFITS OF UCD?What ARE the47BENEFITS OF UCD?What ARE theFAQsFrequently Asked Questions48How long does UCD take? Will it impact my project timeline? Yes, but hopefully in a good way. UCD is an alternative design approach that usually replaces antiquated methods. That being said, UCD will be tailored to your project, but it usually requires front-loading additional effort early in the project. The philosophy is to fail fast to uncover problem areas earlier using UCD methods instead of discovering the problems late in development stages of the project.FAQsFrequently Asked Questions49It sounds complicated. Wont I need a large team of UCD experts? Not necessarily. The UCD process is easy to teach and learn. A single UCD professional can lead a team of resources including client team members through the process. Although many of the techniques have fancy names, the exercises are not only easy to learn and execute, but they are usually fun to perform as well.FAQsFrequently Asked Questions50It sounds expensive. How much does it cost? One of the benefits of the UCD approach is that total development and maintenance costs are reduced. In addition, an effective user experience promotes user adoption and productivity. As a result, you are more likely to realize your return on investment which may include key performance metrics such as increased company revenue.FAQsFrequently Asked Questions51Do I have to adopt the entire UCD process? Absolutely not. Can it be customized? Absolutely! Every project is unique and the UCD approach can be tailored to the specific needs of the client, project, team, and business objectives. UCD provides a structured design framework but its flexibility allows a project team to craft an approach that considers all project factors.FAQsFrequently Asked Questions52Does it work with Waterfall and Agile project methodologies? Yes, UCD is not dependant upon a specific project management methodology. UCD does lend itself better to agile methodologies, because of similar philosophies of short iterations, sprints, and speed to completion.FAQsFrequently Asked Questions53Do I really need all this? Isnt all this just to make stuff look pretty? UCD is comprised of a wealth of disciplines. Visual and graphic design is a key discipline, but an effective user experience is dependant upon a well-round design that was a aided by UCD. Of course, you can forego the User Centered Design for more traditional design approaches, but expectations should not be set any higher than the results of past initiatives.FAQsFrequently Asked Questions54What is the Return on Investment (ROI) for UCD? There is not return on investment for a design methodology like UCD. The product, application, system, or solution, on the other hand, should have an ROI. UCD is an ROI enabler for a particular initiative. Achieving certain user adoption levels is normally a prerequisite to seeing any return on any systemic investment. UCD is an ROI stimulant, because its ultimate goal is user experience and user adoption is the most significant benefit of UCD.FAQsFrequently Asked Questions55@hursman56