Users, Prototyping, Etc. (Lean Startup Machine Toronto)

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I ran a workshop at Lean Startup Machine in Toronto on Day 2 of the customer development focused startup competition. This was class 5 on January 28, 2012 on Users, Prototyping, Etc. Learn more about this event at


1. Users, Prototyping, Etc.Lean Startup Machine Toronto 2. Note There are terms and conditions of everything that you learn. There are no best ways, just be er ways Practice is greater than theory Im just one perspectiveLSM Toronto 3. Hello A work in progress.LSM Toronto 4. Basics The workow of the day. Rapid Customer Next Riskiest Prototype Interviews AssumptionLSM Toronto 5. Our WhatLSM Toronto Reference: Everywhere. 6. A Dierent What Reference: h p:// Toronto centered-design-toolkit/ 7. Testing What Dierent products require dierent perspectives into assumptions. Whats the riskiest thing to test rst? Minimum Viable Product = Business Minimum Feasible Product = Technical Minimum Desirable Product = Users Reference: h p:// Toronto minimum-desirable-product/ 8. Desirability Instead of your revenue and conversion rates, determine the metrics of your user benets. Know who the target users are Understand context, behaviour and goals Build a product experience around that Reference: h p:// Toronto minimum-desirable-product/ 9. Desirability vs Viability Examples: You have a dating site that gets lots of users to buy subscriptions / see advertising, but none nd the dates they wanted. You have a site that lets millions of users video chat with random strangers, but none of them will pay for the benet. Reference: h p:// Toronto minimum-desirable-product/ 10. Paper Prototyping Doing whats necessary and sucientLSM Toronto 11. Wufoo Should surveys help you assess a broader market questionLSM Toronto 12. Keynotopia Pu ing your savvy presentation skills to good useLSM Toronto 13. Balsamiq Making things make sense to users, click by click Also: iMockupsLSM Toronto 14. 99designs If you absolutely need to have visuals for your target user Also: ElanceLSM Toronto 15. Unbounce If you want to put your full set of validated learnings to testLSM Toronto 16. Satish Kanwar, Partnersatish@jetcooper.com416 669 2779