Vine and Other Video Content Creators (Aug 2014)

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Self-created content dominates the web. Short videos created on mobile devices from services like Vine can help you create fun, quirky and impactful video without a lot of technical know-how. During this two-part class, we will explore: Explore the basics of Vine and how it's different from other video sites Learn the tips and tricks for a successful Vine Show how to find and share Vine content appropriate for your audience Discuss other video content creator sites Attendees will create their own Vine, customize it for their audience, and have the option to receive feedback. Virtual Trainer: Rachel Eichen, Novare Library Services


  • 1.Rachel Eichen Novare Library Services

2. Quick Poll 3. Agenda What is Vine? Vine discovery Library uses Creating a vine 4. Vine 101 By the makers of Twitter iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile only 6 seconds 5. Vine is to video what a tweet is to text. Can you convey your message in six seconds? - Stephen Waddington 6. Stop-motion 7. Camera tricks 8. Creating a drawing 9. How-to videos 10. Condensing events 11. Humor 12. What can you do with a Vine Video? Share on Social Media Embed on Website 13. Embed it on a website 14. Explore within the app 15. Explore the website 16. TV Mode ( website) 17. Twitter (#vine) 18. JustVined 19. Vine Maps 20. 21. VinePeek ( 22. 23. YouTube Compilations ?v=mqPqew79_wc 24. Tutorials 25. Promotion 26. 27. Promotional Ads 28. Library Tours 29. Other Library uses Show off new books Meet the library staff Contests (use hashtags) Book recommendations 30. Download the App iOS: 92447445?mt=8&uo=4&at=10lmBm&ct= Vine_Homepage_Download Google Play: s? Windows Mobile: f9e6f07e-e47e-47f5-806d-55d4f79f2b60 31. Sign in & Allow Permissions 32. Open it up and start recording 33. Hold to record, release to stop 34. When done, publish! 35. Where is your vine? On your Vine profile (use the dropdown to find) On your Vine web profile Facebook/Twitter if you enabled it Also in your Videos/Photos 36. Use ghost mode for animation 37. Not ready yet? Save it as a draft 38. Edit to rearrange frames 39. Vine tips Must post to Vine, Twitter/Facebook optional Plan before you shoot Hold camera steady (tripod if available) Try for good lighting 40. Making Vines is serious business! blau-stop-motion/ 41. Homework Download Vine App Create a Vine video for professional or personal use Send me the link. It will look something like: 42. Any questions? 43. Rachel Eichen 44. Rachel Eichen Novare Library Services 45. Quick Poll 46. Agenda Assignment Review Vine tools Instagram video Other video tools 47. Remember, you can edit! 48. Turn into animated gifs (RIP 49. Free vine stats media-tools#report-316 50. Record without holding vine-videos/ 51. Get a tripod 52. Get a remote 53. Use a filter for crazy effect 54. Record with headphones in 55. Use a boom mic 56. Intro 15 seconds Part of Instagram app 57. Integrates with Feed 58. Filters & Stabilizer 59. Choose a Cover Image 60. More sharing options 61. Direct message in new version 62. Which is better? Both very popular Does library already use Instagram? Better Vine tools Pictures vs. Video Can import vines into Instagram Embedding important? No Instagram Video on Windows Mobile Competition is always good! 63. VideoFX Live 64. 65. Video Edit (iOS) 66. Gif Boom Take 20 sec video Select pics Select Filters/Edit Publish your own gif 67. SloPro 68. Morfo 69. Google Glass 70. Tips Use Youtube for central distribution Back-up on to Dropbox (iCloud doesnt do videos) 71. Resources Ultimate Guide to Vine 10 Cool Ways Libraries Can Use Vine Instagram vs. Vine Differences Ultimate Guide to Instagram Photojojo 72. Any questions? 73. Rachel Eichen