Wearable Realtime Captioning With Google Glass

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An analysis of the current state of realtime captioning on Google Glass.


  • 1.NCRA TechCon 2014

2. Who Am I? Mirabai Knight, RDR, CCP Sole Proprietor: StenoKnight CART Services, New York, NY Strategic Partner: White Coat Captioning, LLC Founder: The Plover Project/The Open Steno Project 3. Why I Bought Glass Cyberpunk Childhood Tax-Deductible Gadget Hound National Novel Writing Month 4. Glass Right Now Up and to the right Explorer Edition: Only the rich and geeky Consumer model specs and price still unknown Emphasis on camera and voice interface 5. Captioning on Glass Streamtext & 1CapApp Ideal for clinical rounds Enhances rapport Preserves eye contact Hands-free and mobile Conversational review 6. How Ill Use Glass Deaf/HoH dental, medical, and veterinary students Clients requiring discretion When interpreters arent appropriate Art school critiques Museum tours Networking mixers Orientation events 7. Limitations Eye strain Sanitization Glasses/contacts Multiple clients Four-hour battery life Dim in bright sunlight Aesthetic considerations No captioning direct to Glass Seven lines of text at a time Internal microphone might not be sufficient Not true augmented reality Two-second Streamtext delay Wi-Fi or Bluetooth phone tethering required Who pays for breakage? 8. Glass: A Segway For Your Face? 9. Pushback Conspicuous Consumption #throughglass Campaign Internet Harrassment Privacy Violations Silicon Valley Elite Travel Hazard Smug No Glass Sans Camera 10. Legal Implications Tech Writer Sarah Slocum Entrepreneur Cecilia Abadie 11. Rarity Versus Ubiquity Four Futures: Lots of people who wear it always Lots of people who wear it sometimes A few people who wear it always A few people who wear it sometimes How can you beat a cell phone? What will be the killer app? Higher volume, lower cost Critical mass required for assumption of ownership Social mores and rules of etiquette 12. More Accessibility Options Conversational text-to-speech with walkaround steno Head-mounted interface ideal for wheelchairs Braille display Theater and Sports Alex Blaszczuk, Law Student 13. Courtrooms and Depo Rooms Autobrief display Disabling the camera Bench conferences Video backup Quick exhibit photography Googling for spellings Macon County Court Reporters 14. Other Applications Sending secret messages Following depos while golfing English-to-English captioning Simultaneous captioning of multiple conference tracks Live animated GIFs at open captioned events 15. Wearable Realtime Beyond Glass Shirts Watches Portable projectors HUD Contact Lenses 16. Were Gonna Have to See Will the look get less nerdy? Will the cost come down? Will the social stigma flip? Will the battery life improve? Will it become true augmented reality? Do we need it? 17. Questions/Demo Any questions? Pass It Around


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