What is creative thinking, why do we need it and how do we learn it

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1. What is Creative Thinking?Why we need it? And How to learn it? 2. CreativeThinking How do we make a ball point pen work in a zero gravity environment(space)? Who cares? Spend$ Millions Get fired! Dont go to the moon! Or Change the Problem How do we write in a zero gravity environment? 3. 4. What is Creative Thinking? A process such as brainstorming or lateral thinking which improves your ability to be creative and look at problems in a fresh new way!State of mind that generates new ideas unique to you. Free yourself from your strict logical confines. Become illogical! Become flexible! Lateral Thinking BrainStorming Become illogical 5. Why We Need Creative Thinkers Solve Problems! Develop better solutions to already implemented solutions. Prevent situations before they manifest themselves. Understand the ramifications of our solutions. Unlearn that which we have already learned. Treadmill Bike Pet Rock 6. Witty Quotes If it is not broke, dont fix it! Treat others the way you want to be treated! The early bird gets the worm! 7. 8. How to learn Creative Thinking! Everyone is capable of learning. Does not replace logic, hard work, information or training. Helps get the job done better. Repeatable Process. Many Methodologies. Many Techniques. 9. 10. 11. 12. How to dye a fabric cheaper! After a company failed at solving how to cheaply dye their fabric a researcher asked How do mine shafts work? They are supported to keep the shafts from collapsing. Added a chemical that supported the dye during the manufacturing to enter the fabric. 13. Positive Thinking! Shoe company sent two reps to a developing country to see if it was a candidate for a shoe factory One said They dont wear shoes here, dont build! The other said They dont wear shoes here, unlimited opportunity! Build two! 14. Association Triggers Companygoal Creativity andInnovation. Aim fun rather than drudgery Popular Cartoon used same theme as goal. Created cartoon book using cartoon themes on creativity and innovation associated with employees ideas and experiences. Offered rewards for anyone that reduced marketplace product delivery times. 15. Capturing and Interpreting Dreams The subconsciousis less inhibited and continues to function when sleeping. Employees trained to keep pen and paper to write dreams. Factory worker solved problem that engineers and vendors could not. Dreamt about a slinky toy. Occurred to him that a slinky-like spring in a tube would keep it from collapsing, rushed to work early and successfully tested his idea! 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 16. 17. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) Separate the situation into two sections: Divergent and Convergent Spend 50%understandingthe situation. Spend 50%on the solution. 50% of the solution is thinking about the situation. Never settle on the first good solution. else stimulates quality alternative solutions. 18. CPS Case Study Problem:Lost productivity because supply company workers are reading newsprint used to cushion glass product shipments. Solution: The company decided to hire blind workers for this part of the factory line. 19. 20. 21. What is Creative Thinking?Why we need it? And How to learn it? The first NASA missions used pencils. Project Gemini used mechanical pencils ordering 34 units (pencils) at a cost of $128.89 USD per pencilwhich upset the public. Paul Fisher designed a ballpoint pen that functioned in a weightless environment, underwater, in multiple liquids and in temperatures from -50 to +400 F.Fishers pen cost $1 million USD to develop out of his own pocket. NASA purchased 400 from Fisher cost $6 USD per unit for the Apollo Project. So did the Soviets. Both still use the pens for space missions and YOU can buy them at http://spacepen.comfor $25 to $800 USD.


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