What Video Games Can Teach Us About Real Time Marketing

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2010 Presentation by Joel Lunenfeld, CEO of Moxie Interactive.


1. What Video Games can Teach Usabout Real time MarketingJoel Lunenfeld, CEO Moxie Interactive 2. Up until now, social media required the following skills 3. SHAMELESSSELF PROMOTION... 4. REALLYSHAMELESSSELF PROMOTION... 5. A PRETTY FACE 6. DISREGARD FOR SAFETY... 7. Social media was everymans reality TV show. 8. It was about getting exposure.It was about getting noticed.Getting your 15 minutes of fame was never easier.Digital word-of-mouth could turn you into an Internet celeb.What ever happened to LonelyGirl15? 9. ANYTHINGANYBODYcould now be video taped,for better or for worse. 10. Technology put a camera and confessional booth in everybody's life. 11. You friended everyone. And you posted inappropriate pictures to get attention. 12. How did you find your Job? 13. And anyone could be an expert about anything with a publishing platform. 14. And all social media was like American Idol 15. And all social media was like American Idol The goal is to become famous for anything. Getting votes is like getting Web traffic. But talent isnt everything (i.e. Cat Videos). Some of us just couldnt look away. 16. Today, marketers need to think more like video game developers than reality show producers. 17. We're addicted to gaming because of the sense of achievement, positive experiences, and connections to the real world. We're addicted to gaming because of the combination of reality and fantasy. 18. It's about going on a mission and generating points:Likes,thumbs up, comments, positive sentiment, photo uploads, # of followers, crops, etc. 19. It can literally be a gameFarm was #1 most popular Facebook status in 2009 20. And what's our game controller? 21. Look in your pocket. 22. Or your phone becomes the controller and you power up when you download tools that facilitate sharing and connecting.for earning points, writing reviews, taking pictures, checking-in, updating your status, etc. 23. World of Warcraft Experience PointsFoursquare Real life Experience Points Win a Trophy, Become the Mayor! 24. 1 vs 100 Tests Your Trivia Knowledge Against Other PeopleAardvark Tests Your General Knowledge to Help Your Friends with Every Day Questions 25. Halo mission maps tell you where to go to battle the Covenant.Google maps tell you where to eat and where not to eat according to your peers. 26. To Gamers, Stats are Everything 27. YOUR narcissismNow expressed in stats. 28. Even expertise is a game, now measured in stats. 29. So how can we apply this to Word of Mouth Marketing? 30. 1. Customize content with levels and public achievements amongst friendsGive a reason to co-create and shareAllow for personalizationGive them a chance to talk about their favorite topic themselves 31. Customize content with levels and public achievements amongst friends 32. 2. Recognize the leaders. Promote their stats.Leverage then influencers of the packReport back on stats / retweetsAmplify their impressions & expressions 33. Recognize the leaders. Promote their stats. 34. 3. Dont Create Campaigns. Create Missions.Reward users for completing an action or task.Use the real word as your digital canvas. 35. Dont Create Campaigns. Create Missions. 36. Dont Create Campaigns. Create Missions.


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