White Paper - What is your Microstrategy mobile strategy?

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  • BI - Overview

    Business Intelligence (BI) can be defined as a set of tools and techniques in transforming raw data to measurable and meaningful entities.

    There are many software solutions which offer business intelligence at various levels and often available on cloud, enterprise version and mobile. Most of the time, a BI software maybe a combination of one or more of the following BI applications:

    Data Mining and Advanced Analysis

    Visual and OLAP analysis

    Enterprise Reporting

    Dashboards and Scorecards

    Mobile Apps and Alerts

    2 Bi Overview

  • Our Strategy - MicroStrategy

    Since 1989, Microstrategy has provided Business Intelligence technology that enables organizations worldwide to make better business decisions. Microstrategy platform delivers actionable information to business users via the web and mobile devices, including iPad, iPhone and BlackBerry.

    Companies choose Microstrategy for its ease of use, sophisticated analytics, and superior data and user scalability. Microstrategy offers free reporting software, free mobile software and a full array of products for any size organization across all industries.

    3 Our Strategy - MicroStrategy

  • Why Microstrategy Mobile?

    The Mobile SDK provides resources to customize mobile applications built using the MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform, for Android and iOS mobile devices. Using the Mobile SDK, you can rebrand your application, preconfigure it and customize it. You can take advantage of MicroStrategy's security and authentication functionality, and features such as integration with Google Maps and Newstand. You can use MicroStrategy's wide array of out-of-the-box widgets, as well as create custom widgets that extend MicroStrategy functionality. For iOS devices, you can use MicroStrategy Command Center to create a powerful, inexpensive mission control center, with multiple iPads controlling a wall of HDTV screens.

    Here are some reasons why we prefer Microstrategy Mobile for your BI Solutions:

    Proven - Thousands of companies use Microstrategy Mobile to assemble and deploy applications

    Ranked #1 - by the leading analysts.

    Faster to develop, Easier to maintain and assures Fastest performance.

    Secure - Robust device, data, authentication, authorization , and transmission security to protect your data

    4 Why MicroStrategy Mobile?

  • More advantages of native approach

    Put the power to control the business in the hands of the people with the power. iPad is a revolutionary device that has changed how business is done. Executives who previously relied on staff to deliver reports to them on paper now feel at home manipulating the information at their fingertips.

    Native mobile apps are so easy to use, executives take actions within the apps, controlling the business immediately, and cutting out the middleman from their decision-making.

    What we can do for you?

    We deploy mobile solutions for any industry or any business role. We can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors by mobilizing all of your operational and information systemsCRM, ERP, business intelligence, and more.

    Through increased user adoption and usage, multiply ROI on your existing data and system investments. Join other global enterprises from all major industries and functions by building mobile apps to empower your business and employees.

    5 More advantages of native approach

  • Our Microstrategy Mobile Solutions for you

    Rebrand and extend the existing MicroStrategy Mobile app

    Build a custom mobile application that automatically consumes and displays MicroStrategy BI data by customizing the MicroStrategy Mobile app, available in the google play and app store.

    Rebrand MicroStrategy Mobile by changing the name, icon, and splash screen and thus changing the overall look and feel of the application. And we could add more Microstrategy functionalities to the app based on our need.

    Embed MicroStrategy Mobile in an existing application

    We can integrate MicroStrategy features to your existing mobile application. This method allows you to use MicroStrategy data and properties, but render a custom user interface and customize the functionality of the application.

    The MicroStrategy SDK is a comprehensive software development kit that enables developers to extend out-of-the box MicroStrategy functionality and build powerful, custom applications using the MicroStrategy platform.

    Adding the MicroStrategy Mobile SDK frameworks to your application is the best method if you want to use MicroStrategy only as a data provider and maintain complete control over the display and functionality in the application.

    6 Our MicroStrategy Mobile Solutions for you

  • Our Microstrategy Mobile Solutions for you

    Build a custom mobile widget

    Widgets are sophisticated visualization techniques combined with rich interactivity to enable users to understand their data more effectively. There are many widgets already available such as Gauge, Heat Map, and Interactive Stacked Area widgets. Although each type of widget looks different and is used in a unique way, the main purpose of all widgets is the same: to provide document analysts with a visual and interactive look into their data.

    MicroStrategy provides a wide variety of widgets that you can use out-of-the-box. However, we can also build a custom widget, with its own custom properties editor, that automatically consumes and displays MicroStrategy BI data in a mobile device.

    We offer new custom mobile widget development and custom mobile widget development for existing microstrategy web widgets. The widgets can be either developed separately or combined with the existing web widget so as to make a single widget for both mobile and web.

    7 Our MicroStrategy Mobile Solutions for you

  • ConclusionMobile BI applications are the future of business intelligence. Using Microstrategy Mobile, your BI needs can be addressed in two ways: Rebranding or customising the native apps and by developing new widgets. The market for creating new widgets with new and innovative capabilities has a huge demand and they prove to be valued additions to mobile app customization process. With more widgets and ways to represent data, organizations will be able to achieve precise key indicators which can bring new outlook and value to their raw data.

    8 Conclusion

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