Zumasys Citrix Top 10 Tips and Tricks

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1. Zumasys Technical Support Team Kevin Fitzpatrick, Director of Technical Support Zumasys, Inc 2. Tips and Tricks Additional Resources Q&A Session Agenda 2 3. 1 Accessing Local Files 3 Whats with this popup every time I log into Citrix? 4. 1 Accessing Local Files 4 You will see the prompt if your Citrix config allows you to access files on your local machine. Why access local files? My Documents, JPG, DOC, XLS, or other files C$ on Client or Local Disk (C:) It can be slow depending on the size of the file, so be patient when browsing your local drive. Dont forget to check Do not ask me again for this virtual desktop. 5. 2 Disconnect vs. Log Off 5 Is there really a difference? Why disconnect? Leaves session hanging open in Citrix Allows you to reconnect to your session Can slow servers down if IE left open Why log off? Performs clean log off of session Refreshes your session memory usage Best practice at end of day 6. 2 Disconnect vs. Log Off 6 Why cant I see my prior Citrix session? Add your Citrix URL to the trusted sites. Make sure you are running the latest Citrix client. http://receiver.citrix.com 7. 3 Can I Use Dual Monitors? 7 Yes. Why doesnt my system see it as 2 monitors? Need to train it to see your monitors Span both screens Log off Citrix Wait for your config to write out Log back in and it should go full screen Test by expanding your app on one screen 8. 4 Prudent Use of Applications 8 Citrix is shared environment. Apps like YouTube and other Video sites slow Citrix down for everyone on the server. Dont leave applications open unless you need them, they still use memory when minimized. Internet Explorer is most common and takes a lot of memory. Graphics Apps are OK but need planning for their use. Adobe Acrobat can be really slow, consider using FoxIt PDF. Sometimes a dedicated Desktop App can help. Remember, others use the servers too. 9. 5 Changing Password in Citrix 9 Yes, you can change your password in Citrix. Click Start Windows Security Change Password Enter Passwords Click Blue Arrow 10. 6 Management 10 XenApp 6.X Citrix AppCenter 11. 6 Management 11 Long Idle Time Running apps slow system IE is worst offender Disconnected Sessions Running apps slow system IE is worst offender Establish idle & disconnect time out policy Automatically clears sessions Cleans up memory leaks 12. 6 Management 12 Check Hotfix status Not all are needed Some are specific to an issue Windows Updates More issued every month Keep updated on a schedule (monthly, quarterly) 13. 6 Management 13 Director & EdgeSight for XenDesktop 7 14. 6 Management 14 Session Details - latency, server name, Citrix policies applied, Receiver version, etc. 15. 6 Management 15 Concurrent Session Trend 16. 6 Management 16 Logon Performance 17. 6 Management Who is Logged in? 17 Load Evaluator Trend 18. 7 Citrix Froze Up 18 Why? Sometimes only one App causing it Check Task Manager (Right Click Task Bar) 19. 7 Citrix Froze Up 19 End task on the app Right click the app End the process Apps may show as Not Responding 20. 8 Printing 20 Stuck print job? Start / Devices and Printers Right click printer See Whats Printing Check status Right click and cancel 21. 8 Printing Extra Tips 21 Use short printer names, especially if you use Famous Allow users to manage print jobs, less hassle for everyone Review your printer policy Auto Create? Allow local printer connection, pro and con. Update print drivers Leverage print server near Citrix servers, not over WAN Citrix compatible printers.!!!!! Check your manufacturer 22. 9 Shortcut Keys - RDP 22 23. 9 Shortcut Keys - Citrix 23 24. 9 Shortcut Keys 24 Full screen vs. window Depends on client and Citrix version Shift+F2 Use Receiver Menu Home button 25. 10 MAC Users 25 Get latest Receiver client Did you update to Mavericks? Do you use multiple monitors? There is setting you need to change before programs can use multiple displays. Mission Control Uncheck "Displays have separate Spaces" option Reboot 26. 10 MAC Users 26 Full Screen View 27. 10 MAC Users 27 Using USB devices in Citrix? Access local drives 28. 10 MAC Shortcut Keys 28 http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/topic/rec-mac-11-8/mac- optimize-keystroke-forwarding.html 29. 10 iPAD Users 29 Receiver on your iPAD Call Support for your specific configuration and setup 30. 11 What is your favorite Tip or Trick? 30 Do you have a favorite Tip or Trick in Citrix? Share your Tip with the group 31. Additional Resources 31 Citrix Quick Tip Guides - FREE http://training.citrix.com/cms/index.php/general/xendesktop-quick-tips/ Video Link for Installing Citrix Receiver Video http://www.youtube.com/user/Zumasys/playlists Great Tech Website for Citrix Info http://www.brianmadden.com/ 32. Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. -Rabindranath Tagore Nobel Laureate in Literature 32