7 Best Activities to Do in Iran

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PowerPoint Presentation7 Best Activities to Do in Iran!Visit our website:www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comWhen it comes to planning the perfect itinerary for Iran, its easy to get carried away by day after day of visits to historical locations and architectural masterpieces. While there is no dearth of historical attractions to visit in Iran and each visit puts the last one to shame, theres the possibility of reaching a point where things can get overwhelming. www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comwww.company.comAnd lets not forget that not everyone is a history buff no matter how tempting it may sound. But despite common awareness, Iran has something for everyones cup of tea and definitely a lot to arouse the adventurous side of every traveler. Ready to take the plunge? www.company.comHere are 7 activities to take your Iran itinerary beyond touristy conventions1SKIINGwww.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comSurprising for many, Iran has some excellent ski resorts and one of the best in the Middle East making it a perfect skiing destination. The residents of the capital are spoilt with 3 major resorts right at their footstep.Dizin, making it to the list of 40 highest ski resorts in the world, offers perfect snow conditions and some of the longest slopes in the region. Hotels, cottages and private villas are available to make your stay as pleasant as it can get. Shemshak on the other hand is not for the faint hearted. With its super steep slopes it is perfectly catered for advanced skiers. Tochal is for beginners who dont want to be bothered to drive the 120 km to Dizin or Shemshak and prefer a quick one day trip to Tochal instead. www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comHere are 7 activities to take your Iran itinerary beyond touristy conventions2DESERT TREKINGwww.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comWhether you want to hop on a camel and live the life of a Persian merchant in the old days making it from one caravanserai to another or you opt to feel the flickering sand under your toes or even dune bashing on four wheels, Irans got you covered. The central desert of Iran offers salt lakes and soft moving sand dunes. Camping at caravanserai of Maranjab is usually on the menu. The days start with a glorious sunrise peeking out behind sand hills and end with a starry blanket covering the dark blue sky.Dasht-e Lut or precisely Shahdad desert however is like nothing youve seen before. Heres where you feel most fragile in the midst of the fierce nature. The vastness of the desert clear of vegetation and living creatures with huge yardangs formed by sand storms through millions of years makes you feel helpless and spell-bound. Not to mention one of the hottest spots on earth is located nearby.www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comHere are 7 activities to take your Iran itinerary beyond touristy conventions3CYCLINGwww.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comCycling across never ending deserts, routing for luscious intact forests and mountains or going off-road to meet nomadic tribes are all an option when it comes to Iran. The islands of the Persian Gulf can also be a good place if youre looking for an easy soothing ride besides turquoise blue waters of the gulf.And theres always the chance to get your feet dirty for some serious mountain biking and make it to the top of some of Irans highest peaks.www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comHere are 7 activities to take your Iran itinerary beyond touristy conventionsHIKING4www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comJust south of the Caspian sea in the Alborz mountain range sits the highest volcano of Asia and tallest mountain of the Middle East. With its natural springs and trails passing through meadows and beguiling villages, hikers looking for off-beat challenges need look no further.Alam Kouh and Mt. Sabalan continue the list of Irans highest mountains. With Alam Kouh making up for a great climb for those who seek a challenge, its deep slopes bring it up to the top of one of the most difficult climbs of the country. Sabalan on the other hand is known for its alluring vistas and crater lake and famous for being topped with snow all year around.www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comHere are 7 activities to take your Iran itinerary beyond touristy conventions5DIVINGTwww.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comIrans southern territory is bedazzled by the Persian Gulf and its numerous islands. Kish is a favourite amongs the locals and since officially recognized as a free port, no visa is required for foreigners. The island is small but offers a huge range of sports and water sports. Snorkeling, parasailing, wind surfing, sailing, cycling and scuba diving are a few of the most popular. Its pristine white beaches and azure waters and coral reef make it a perfect spot for scuba diving.A short ferry ride and you could be on Qeshm island where scuba diving is also a common activity but wed suggest taking a boat to Hengam island instead and checking out some of the most unseen underwater wild life there is.www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comHere are 7 activities to take your Iran itinerary beyond touristy conventions6BIRD WATCHINGwww.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comIrans tremendous variety of geography and climate results in a diverse landscape and wildlife. The countries numerous national parks and wildlife refugees are the perfect place to get a glimpse of some extremely rare species sometimes even unique to Iran. www.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comHere are 7 activities to take your Iran itinerary beyond touristy conventions7HORSE RIDINGwww.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comHorse riding might not be on everyones agenda when traveling to Iran but it doesnt mean its out of the question. Theres always the experience of riding Persian Horses into the heart of untouched lands while making pitch stops at the tents of nomads in Zagros mountains. But to be truly beguiled, head over to the north east of the country where Turkeman tribes take horse riding to a whole new level. Fall and spring are their horse racing seasons when the combination of ancient traditions and legendary Turkeman horses make quite a show for spectators. Expect a lot excitement and emotions to unfoldwww.IranMarcopolo.comwww.company.comTHANKS!Visit our website at: www.Iranmarcopolo.comwww.company.com