Arts Open Program: March 8-10th 2014, Castlemaine, Australia

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Arts Open is a Visual Arts extravaganza featuring over 70 artists, across 40 studios and galleries. The program will not just feature the opportunity to meet the artists in their own studios but also incorporate Public Talks, Book Signings, and a Gala Ball. Labour Day Weekend 2014 in Castlemaine, regional Victoria, Australia.


  • Arts Open Welcome arTS oPEn is an event designed to promote regional visual arts in historic Castlemaine and the surrounding district. offering a rare opportunity to visit studios and galleries within the shire and experience a behind the scenes, personal look at artists in their natural habitat, discuss their artwork and techniques, and purchase directly from the artist. beginning as a boom town after gold was discovered in 1851, Castlemaine and the Mount alexander Shire now boasts a vibrant community with an eclectic mix of people and a broad range of historical, culinary, artistic and social opportunities for visitors. With the generous support of the Mount alexander Shire Council, laTrobe university and Cantwell Property this event showcases over 70 local artists, galleries, walks, talks and workshops in what has become a very successful biennial event. Welcome and enjoy! Getting Here, Getting Around Open Studios FRIDAY 7 - MONDAY 10 MARCH labour day WEEkEnd 2014 Castlemaine & District Studios Galleries Exhibitions Workshops Accommodation Booking Service Castlemaine, Maldon and surrounds offer a wide range of accommodation options. your enquiry will be handled by trained and knowledgeable staff who can offer the right advice whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, family or group. Freecall 1800 171 888 Also checkout: Contact Information If you need to check something about an artist or gallery - please contact them directly. email: web: Acknowledgements Special thanks to Mount alexander Shire Council, Michelle day, ben laycock, rob Jennings, Scott Sanders, Michael Wolfe, Helen bodycomb, Mark anstey, Melissa Scott, Tegan lang and our many unsung volunteers, businesses and artists. 1 arts open 2014 TRAIN: Castlemaine is an easy 90 minute journey from Melbournes Southern Cross station along the bendigo line departing every hour from 6am to 10.30pm. Castlemaine railway Station is centrally located making walking around town a great option. For timetables and fares ph: 1800 800 007 DRIVING: Castlemaine is approx 120km north west of Melbourne driving via the Tullamarine Freeway following the signs to bendigo and the Calder Freeway. The turnoff to the old Calder Highway at Malmsbury will take you via Taradale, Elphinstone and Harcourt. BUSES: TAXI: 131 008 WALKING: Walking maps and heaps of local information are available from the Visitor Information Centre in the Castlemaine Market building, Mostyn Street, Castlemaine OTHER TOWNS in the Shire include Maldon, Chewton, Harcourt, Guildford and newstead. While you can easily walk around Castlemaine and visit a large number of studios and venues, the outlying areas really require a car or a strong pair of cycling legs!
  • Celebrating Arts Open - Special Events Arts Open Opening Night Castlemaine State Festival supports Arts Open Lot 19 Arts Open Opening Spectacular McShannags Lane, Castlemaine. Friday March 7th 6-9pm lot19 hosts the opening festivities with a spectacle of live theatre, music and art. There will be surprises, wise words, all the info and previews of the wonderful weekend ahead, and lots to celebrate. Mamas kitchen and Papas bar open, no pets no byo. check for further details... Arts Open Gala Ball Theatre Royal, 30 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine Saturday March 8th 7.30pm Tickets $70 available from Theatre Royal 5472 1196 Featuring a Parisian demi Monde bohemian theme, the Gala arts ball is an evening of ne wining and dining, dancing and fun in australias oldest theatre, Castlemaines Theatre royal. a cross cultural cavalcade of performance, art, music and theatre hosted by the deliciously burlesque Madame leila leontine. Featuring a live dance band and a preview launch of the 2015 Castlemaine State Festival with director Martin Paten and special guest bruce Esplin head of regional arts Victoria. Two course dinner, drinks at bar prices. Updates and further info: Arts Open is Proudly Supported by property castlemaine michael wolfe 1975-2015 FESTIVAL DATES - 13 - 22 March 2015 PHoTo: JulIE MIlloWICk oF Tara GIlbEES VISual arTS 2013 bIEnnIal ExHIbITIon aT TuTES CoTTaGE art + design broCHurE, MaP & loGo dESIGn: MICHaEl WolFE arT & dESIGn. m: 0419 365 308 WEbSITE dESIGn: rob JEnnInGS, WE PuSH buTTonS. Printed by Trade Colour Cards ph: 9545 1022 23 Venue 8 3 arts open 2014 We hope you will return to our region in March 2015 to join us for more fabulous open studios and exhibitions as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations for the Castlemaine State Festival! Gala Ball Venue
  • Philip Cordingley arTIST Prime-Art Youth Arts Hub My work makes reference to language and the graphic nature of symbolism and the making of marks. Most recently I have returned to incorporating geometric forms, bright colours with textural contrast. Benchmark Collective, 14 Templeton Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 5472 1346 w: e: Venue 1 PrInTMakInG, MoSaIC, SCulPTurE, FIlM The Prime-art exhibition is made up of body of work that was produced by young people ages 12-16 during the 2013 Spring and 2014 Summer Prime-art holiday programs. Working with local artists Helen bodycomb, Melinda rodnight, rhyll Plant and Eliza-Jane Gilchrist, these young artists created works in mosaic, link-cut, screenprinting and sculpture. Prime-Art Cafe, 30 Templeton Street, Castlemaine open: Sat - Sun 10am - 4pm t: 5472 3299 w: e: Venue 3 5 4 castlemaine castlemaine Heather Barrett PaInTEr Sarah Fowler & Carol De Graauw a deep concern for the environment, given the realities of climate change, informs my work. Circles are an ever-present theme. For me circles evoke feelings of old worlds, new worlds, looking through and looking beyond. Circles within our minds. The circular thinking as we live our lives knowing the impact we are having on the planet. Falkner Gallery, 35 Templeton Street, Castlemaine open: 11am - 5pm t: 5470 5858 w: e: Venue 2 JEWEllErS Talented Gold and Silversmiths Sarah and Carol produce beautiful and original hand made jewellery from their shared studio in Castlemaine. using traditional silversmithing techniques (repousse, raising and fusing) to create jewellery that is boldly contemporary, yet embedded in fundamental techniques and timeless inuences. Studio, 12 Doveton Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0437 275 399 w: e: Venue 42
  • Phil Elson CEraMICS CASPA arT SPaCE, STudIoS and GallEry Phils practice over the last 28 years has been powerfully informed by the ceramic culture of South East asia, Japan, China and korea. He has been strongly focused on the development of form and in particular, the form of the bowl. Studio, 89 Templeton Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm Friday - Sunday t: 0429 129 798 w: e: Venue 4 artists exhibiting include aleshia ng, Jacinta Walsh, kathy dal Forno, allis Maun, ben laycock, lillyan Shirvington, John a Smith, orryelle and Jim Coad. We have a rabbit warren of studios inhabited by a colourful mix of artists representing a broad cross section of genres. We even have our own gallery to show off the results of our prodigious work ethic. CASPA, Level 1, 101 Mostyn St (enter via Hargraves St), Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0427 223 358 w: e: Venue 6 7 6 castlemaine castlemaine Michelle Day PaInTEr Johno A Smith My work is mainly based around the land. Shapes, rocks and forms in the landscape, the sky, mist and the light on the horizon line are some of my main inuences. My interest lies in the hidden beliefs and meanings that many cultures have regarding rocks, mountains and mounds. Herons Gallery, 68 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine open: 11am - 4pm t: 5472 1030 Michelle: 0417 825 261 w: Venue 5 arTIST My works are plein air abstract improvisations constructed with remnant and collected earth material. My intention is to project the psychological experience of a place. CASPA, Level 1, 101 Mostyn St (enter via Hargraves St), Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0418 318 620 e: Venue 6
  • Jim Coad VIdEo arCHITECTurE Lillyan Shirvington JEWEllEr Video architecture is re-imagining the built environment using a combination of state of the art technology and traditional visual arts practices. CASPA, Level 1, 101 Mostyn St (enter via Hargraves St), Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 5472 2225 w: e: Venue 6 Gold, sterling silver, ne silver, local rock, precious gems. My works aim to capture an echo in the passage of time. Inspired by Earths living history, and past civilizations, I aim to incorporate ancient silver smithing techniques with contemporary jewellery designs. CASPA, Hargraves St above Stonemans Bookroom, Castlemaine open: 11am - 4pm t: 0431 230 720 e: Venue 6 9 8 castlemaine castlemaine Ben Laycock PaInTEr Michael Wolfe Painting the whole of australia from the desert to the coast via the waterways and swamps. as a painter my focus has always been on the environment. CASPA, Level 1, 101 Mostyn St (enter via Hargraves St), Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0401 338 284 w: e: PaInTEr & PHoToGraPHEr Painter, photographer, designer and quite a handy leg spin bowler, Michael likes making pictures and has been doing it fairly seriously for 25 years, hes a Cancerian who likes pizza and beer. His work is included in public, corporate and private collections. Venue 6 Union Studio, 9 Union Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 5470 6446 w: e: Venue 7
  • Cas Davey GlaSS arTIST Melissa Scott PHoToGraPHEr and PrInTMakEr I am intrigued by the nature and uidity of hot glass. I sculpt and blow this material into various and intricate forms. Union Studio, 9 Union Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 5470 6446 w: e: Venue 7 The work of Melissa Scott incorporates both Photomedia and Printmaking forms of visual storytelling. The key themes that unite the various modes of her practice centre on the complex (and endlessly contested) dynamics of love, desire and betrayal. Run Rabbit Run, 24 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine open: 11am - 5pm t: 0427 223 358 w: e: Venue 9 11 10 castlemaine castlemaine Catherine Shields MulTI-MEdIa arTIST Jan Palethorpe Catherine Shields is a multidisciplinary artist using lens-based methods to generate digital prints, video, performance, drawing and installation. She is currently using the moving body in public domains to question notions to do with disclosure of self. Run Rabbit Run, 24 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0459 905 903 e: Venue 9 PrInTMakEr and PaInTEr The recurring theme of hollow angel portrays an experience of the void, loss, disappearance of hope, and facing the abyss of extinction. The Comma, 16 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0438 551 173 w: e: Venue 10
  • Eliza Tree PaInTEr & ExPEdITIonEr Catherine Pilgrim PrInTMakEr I combine my passion for nature and history, travel and the pre-colonial landscape in my narrative. I seek to reveal the Indigenous Cultural landscape, to revisit with new eyes, the Gondwana Felix, before the Gold rush. Lyttleton Studio, 94a Lyttleton Street (cnr of Urquhart St), Castlemaine open: Fri Sun 10am 5pm t: 0409 209 707 w: e: Venue 11 Catherine Pilgrim makes meticulous drawings and stone lithographs. Her work is included in corporate, public and private collections. Studio, Rear, 87 Farnsworth Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0412 550 100 w: e: Venue 13 13 12 castlemaine castlemaine Shades of Gray SCulPTurE Lucy Armstrong artists Chelly and Peter Gray found a roll of rusty wire on their country property 19 years ago and started twisting it into works of art. Perhaps because of their ceramics training, their creations are functional as well as original, from candelabras and bowls to beds, mirrors, re screens, sculptures and garden art. Studio & Gallery, Corner of Farnsworth and Brown Sts, Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0409 189 964 w: e: Venue 12 TExTIlES I am an emerging textiles artist also working with mixed media. The converted school portable in my backyard is the space where I create 3d sculptural pieces that adorn the body and start conversations between the wearer and observer. Studio, 46 Richards Road Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0412 193 326 e: Venue 14
  • Marte Newcombe PrInTMakEr, dIGITal arT, SCulPTurE David Frazer The inspiration for my work comes from parts of old machines and tools. I use these initially to make sculptures and subsequently transpose them into various media, including printmaking, drawing and digital art. 14 Kaweka Handprint Workshop, 11 Kaweka Street, Castlemaine Parking in Kaweka Sanctuary car park opp Turner St off Hargraves St open: 10am - 5pm t: 0406 656 687 w: e: Venue 15 PrInTMakEr & PaInTEr david Frazer is an internationally renowned artist who specialises in wood engravings, linocuts, lithography, etchings and painting. He has held over 40 solo shows in australia, london and China. In 2007 the abC broadcast a documentary on Frazer and his work as part of the artist at work series. Unstable Press, 28 Blakeley Road Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 0431 162 434 w: e: Venue 17 15 castlemaine castlemaine Lynne Edey Clayton Tremlett PrInTMakEr & PaInTEr Claytons work is represented in the national Gallery of australia as well as several regional and private collections in australia, Scotland and England. More recently he has been examining australian history and producing site specic projects using printmaking as the medium. Studio, 5 Blakeley Road, Castlemaine open: Sat - Mon 12noon - 4pm t: 0422 945 010 w: e: Venue 16 SCulPTor I have been a practising sculptor for 30 years or so. I mostly work now with bronze, but employ a variety of other materials for larger outdoor pieces, dependent on the demands of the site. Studio, 75 Hunter Street, Castlemaine open: 1pm - 5pm Venue 18
  • Sir Leslie Thornton PaInTEr, IConoClaST Alexandre Prado Peels of laughter can often be heard coming from the visitors to the open studio of leslie Thornton. Cartoons, mock advertising, double adaptor sculptures, collage as well as images of Castlemaine and leslies beautiful distinctive oil paintings. Studio, 10 Rowe Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 5470 5724, 0401 343 096 w: e: Venue 19 MulTIMEdIa arTIST My practice is inspired by human beings relationships with the natural and built environment. It explores the micro-macro relationships that occur in nature. by removing natural objects from their environment and displaying them in built spaces and constructed images, my work questions the status of these objects and our perceptions of the natural world. Studio, 89 Farnsworth Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0411 320 251 w: e: Venue 21 17 16 castlemaine castlemaine Rhyll Plant Abbie Heathcote PaInTEr & PrInTMakEr My personal vision of the bush, patterns, glowing colours of sunlight through textured leaves, lmy blossoms contrast with gumnuts and buds. Studio, 25 William Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0400 120 220 e: Venue 20 PrInTMakEr rhyll is at her artistically happiest unravelling the technical challenges of traditional printmaking in the pursuit of the means to create her detailed artworks. Studio, 191 Happy Valley Road, Castlemaine open: 10am - 3pm t: 5472 1129 e: Venue 22
  • Venue 23 Lot 19 Artspace Lot 19 is home to 26 artists nuzzled in a variety of studio spaces, an outdoor stage, a contemporary art gallery and an outdoor sculpture park. 15 minute tours of lot19 will be conducted at 12:30 and 2pm on Sat and Sun by Mark anstey, founder and director of lot19 almost all questions will be welcomed, bookings noT required, just meet on the gallery steps... Lot 19, McShannags Lane, Castlemaine Open: 10am - 4pm t: 0427 724 149 w: e: PaInTEr Ethereal and playful imagery of wildlife and ora an exploration in the world of my own imaginary mythology based on animals and plants that I feel drawn to in nature. 18 t: 0411 702 277 SCulPTor t: 0439 481 971 Studio 4 t: 0434 441 421 w: Helene Athanasiadis Jane rusdens infatuation with print as a medium and her taste for adventures, has lead her on a journey of discovery and makes for a sensitive reection on the survival and adaptation of our native ora and fauna. t: 0448 900 896 Helen Bodycomb MoSaIC arTIST Studio 11 t: 0413 278 793 w: Practicing under the name Form of a Feather, Helene creates photographic mixed media collages that combine her interests in still life and antiquarian themes. Studio 5 t: 0417 445 906 w: Ulrike Barbara von Radichevich as a well-established artist, ulrike commutes frequently between her new country of residence, australia, and Europe, where she continues her professional work as a set and costume designer engaged by European theatre companies. Studio 9 t: 5470 6014 w: Benedict Stewart InSTruMEnT MakEr Jane Rusden Studio 3 From still life drawn on paper to symbolic gurative works painted on canvas I like to move around mediums and subject matter. benedict crafts baroque, romantic and contemporary musical instruments for professional and enthusiast players. He has a reputation for producing high quality musical instruments that have found their way around the globe. Studio 15 t: 0439 722 218 w: Jen Perry PaInTEr Jen is a Figurative abstract Expressionist painter from Melbourne. She moved to Castlemaine in 2012 to fulll her dream of spending more time in her studio and close to nature, away from the distractions of city life. Studio 16 t: 0426 848 224 19 castlemaine castlemaine I am devoted to the practice, creation, sharing and nurturing of the arts through all its processes and forms and to see the lights turn on in as many eyes as possible. PrInTMakEr arTIST Nici Wright Studio 3 PaInTInG & draWInG PHoToGraPHIC arTIST Yodhi Bergman Studio 1 Jinari Mountain
  • Bill Sampson PaInTEr Jinari Mountain I see my practice as an endless succession of successful mistakes, and in so doing I make discoveries, by accident and thoughtfulness, of things that I was not ever looking for - yet they rise to an importance of sorts as a consequence of the understanding they bring. anyway I must have a reason to do what I do and it keeps me engaged, entertained, energized and off the streets. Gallery, Lot 19, McShannags Lane, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0412 401 339 w: e: Venue 23 PaInTInG and draWInG From still life drawn on paper to symbolic gurative works painted on canvas I like to move around mediums and subject matter. as the process of art making draws my attention to the details and unexplored possibilities of life, I hope that viewer is also engaged in such pondering. Studio 4, Lot 19, McShannags Lane, Castlemaine open: Sat - Mon 10am - 4pm t: 0434 441 421 w: e: Venue 23 21 20 newstead castlemaine Helen Bodycomb MoSaIC arTIST Cheryl Kennedy and Linda McLean Helen bodycomb has been a resident artist at lot 19 in Castlemaine since 2007. She maintains a full-time practice as a mosaicist and sculptor, making large and small commissioned and un-commissioned artworks, and also conducts mosaic workshops locally, nationally and internationally. Studio 11, Lot 19, McShannags Lane, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0413 278 793 w: e: Venue 23 WIrE SCulPTurE & aSSEMblaGE Step into Cheryl kennedys Studio to see her wondrous dresses and handbags which are made from her collection of rusted metals and wire. linda Mcleans boxed assemblages are meticulously constructed works that are created using nostalgic and found objects, including old timber, fabrics, paper, knitting, stitching, wire and wax. Studio, 27 McGrath Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: C: 0412 025 778 l: 0400 565 337 w: e: Venue 24
  • Katherine E Seppings PHoToGraPHEr Katharina Rapp katherine Seppings, artist, writer and photographer, has worked in publishing in australia, london and new york. She has a vast library of b/W and colour images of more than 30 countries, specialising in people, events, dance, the built and natural environment, and bushre, and of the Central Victorian Goldelds region, spanning three decades. Studio, 50 McGrath Street, Castlemaine open: 11am - 5pm t: 5472 2738 w: e: Venue 25 PaInTEr There are the oil paintings of cheerful, enterprising women, as well as the stories inspired by the images. Paintings available from the studio, stories with images available in book form or instantly downloadable as e-Tales. Studio Rapp, 57 Pitman Street, Chewton open: 10am - 5pm t: 0419 103 960 w: e: Venue 27 23 22 chewton castlemaine Dean Smith CEraMICS Robert Maclaurin an international award-winning ceramic artist, dean Smith uses combinations of, matt crystalline and metallic glazes, on highly rened wheel thrown porcelain and stoneware vessels. Studio, 2 Kelsall Court, Castlemaine open: 10am - 5pm t: 5470 6429 w: e: PaInTEr and PrInTMakEr Exhibiting internationally, with gallery representation in london, Edinburgh and Melbourne, Scottish artist, robert Maclaurin, is a prize winning landscape painter, known for his impressive oil paintings, drawings and etchings. He is widely collected in Europe, america and australia. roberts large, airy studio is currently full of works ready for forthcoming solo shows in the u.k. Venue 26 An Teallach Studio, 29 Hoopers Road, Chewton open: 10am - 4pm t: 0417 545 147 w: e: Venue 28
  • Old Fryerstown School Scratching the Surface Fiona ONeill GrouP ExHIbITIon PaInTEr Julie Millowick unique state works on paper / photography, Julie Hough - photography, Christine Sayer - photography, Marion Williams - photography, brett Garling - painting, Jenny Morton painting, Maree roche ceramics, Justin love kinetic sculpture, Margaret Callister silk painting, rae McPhee mixed media, Carol leigh unique state works on paper / textiles. Old Fryerstown School, 5 Camp Street, Fryerstown open: 10am - 5pm t: 0413 563 404 w: e: Venue 29 Working in a bush studio my current work is a continuation of previous themes. angst and awe - Mire and Mirth, Motherhood, no longer landlocked Seascapes, night and early dawn Paintings, and drawings. Studio 73, 73 McManus Road, Barkers Creek open: 10am - 5pm t: 0417 528 191 w: e: Venue 30 25 24 newstead fryerstown Julie Millowick PHoToGraPHEr Ben Smith I have worked in photography since 1974 and because my commercial work often takes me to distant locations, in my personal work I explore and celebrate the familiar, the domestic, the local. Old Fryerstown School, 5 Camp Street, Fryerstown open: 10am - 5pm t: 0432 368 778 w: e: Venue 29 SCulPTor I am a passionate central Victorian artist. a widely published cartoonist, now working mainly in steel construction and cast metal. Harcourt Back Beach, 19 Buckley Street, Harcourt open: 10am - 4pm t: 0417 377 414 Venue 31
  • Norma Bailey Ramsay PaInTInG and draWInG Catherine Tait norma bailey ramsay is a painter who has built up an enviable reputation among collectors and admirers for her rich and diverse oeuvre of still life, portraits and interiors. Exhibiting widely for over thirty years normas work is held in public, private and corporate collections. Studio, 110 Diamond Gully Road, McKenzie Hill, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0467 060 294 Venue 32 PaInTEr and SCulPTor Catherine has been an established artist in central Victoria since 1986 and is the winner of over 24 awards. Catherines paintings and sculptures are diverse in subject manner. Studio, 1761 Pyrenees Hwy, Castlemaine open: Sat - Mon 10am - 5pm t: 5472 5120 w: e: Venue 33 27 26 castlemaine / maldon castlemaine / mckenzie hill Neil Tait METalWork The Inaugural Maldon Portrait Prize Exhibition Maldon arTIST nETWork Tait decorative Iron, designers and manufacturers of quality wrought iron garden furniture, pergolas, wood red ovens, interior products, staircases and sculptures. Studio, 1761 Pyrenees Hwy, Castlemaine open: Sat - Mon 10am - 5pm t: 5472 3569 w: e: Venue 33 The Maldon Portrait Prize is an initiative of the Maldon artists network (Manet) and major sponsorship has been generously provided by the Maldon and district Community bank. Maldon artists network, was developed as a way to connect artists within the community of Maldon, Victoria. Uniting Church Hall, Fountain St, Maldon open: 11am - 4pm t: Venue 34
  • Roger McKindley SCulPTor Craig MacDonald My art garden entices your imagination through mystery and a sense of play. broken and discarded objects come together, nding new life. Antares Iron Art Garden, By the Loddon River ford, corner Brandt St and Punt Rd, Newstead (Off Daylesford - Newstead Rd, C285) open: 10am - 5pm t: 0447 229 149 Venue 35 SCulPTor I spend my days working out of an old tin shed in Central Victoria, I run it as a Foundry casting artists work and when I am inspired I model and cast my own work. I nd it works well to have the pressure of running a business on top of my practice as a sculptor I would get stale just making my own work. Garage Art Foundry, 23 Wright St, Elphinstone open: 10am - 4pm t: 0409 704 432 w: e: Venue 37 29 28 elphinstone / taradale newstead / sandon Diana Orinda Burns PrInTMakEr Kate Osborne I love making prints and my current work involves a combination of etchings and mono prints. The prints are an investigation into the stillness and the meditative qualities of Still life. Studio Paradiso, 833 Creswick/Ballarat Road, Sandon open: 9am - 5pm t: 5476 2073 w: e: Venue 36 PaInTEr Prior to leaving Melbourne twelve years ago, I made performance work and installations. My current paintings use images derived from my performance work, combined with the landscape and mapping of Taradale. Studio, 41 Pennos Road, Taradale open: Sat - Sun 12noon - 6pm Monday 10 - 6pm t: 0411 081 007 e: Venue 38
  • A Beautiful Place to Stay A Perfect Place to Celebrate Taradale Art Group ExHIbITIon 359 Barker Street, Castlemaine Ph: 03 5472 3787 Taradale artists taking part in this exhibition are debra Goldsmith (curator/artist), donna Fearne, Michelle Guest, Wen Jing Huang, Jenny nestor, kate osborne, alex Panelli, Jenny Parker, david Purdon, alex Sanson, Jennie Stewart, Frank Veldze and Suzanne donisthorpe. Venue 39 Taradale Hall, High Street, Taradale open: 9am - 4pm Red Gate Art Space, 60 Berkeley Street, Castlemaine open: 10am - 4pm t: 0407 833 638 e: Venue 40 BOOKINGS: 0423 249 397 DINNER WED-MON FROM 5.30pm 3sacrowd 31 presents Phee Broadway Theatre Castlemaine March 28,29 8pm April 4, 5, 11, 12 8pm March 30, April 6 2pm more info: wonderpants... truly comfortable underpants for Men & Women buy online our supporters Strongly inuenced by her experiencing working in Southern India, Melindas recent body of work is a celebration of womens strong cultural identity and sense of place. Melindas teaching is about giving students new and exciting opportunities to explore art and to experience their own relationship with artistic practice. Classes available. mexicantina @THEATREROYAL30HARGRAVESSTCASTLEMAINE taradale / castlemaine PaInTEr, PrInTMakEr and arTS EduCaTor drinks,meals and snacks 30 Melinda Rodnight This fully escorted tour takes you to the studios of four artists located out of the CBD of Castlemaine. Includes transport from Castlemaine, delicious refreshments and local wine. Contact Jean Rankin m: 0409 567 072
  • Prime-Art, 30 Templeton St. Eliza Tree, 94a Lyttleton St. 12 Shades of Gray, Cnr Farnsworth & Brown Sts. 13 Catherine Pilgrim, Rear, 87 Farnsworth St. 14 Lucy Armstrong, 46 Richards Rd. N LEBE RECK ST BROWN ST PYRENEES HWY B180 RAY ST RD BE TH ST 3 LYTTLETO ST N 43 CAMP RESERVE H JO 30 0 LA ELI ZA HW YA 23 W LO GS N BLAKELE RD Y 21 MOSTYN ST FOREST ST NE TO NS ST T SS ADAM Alexandre Prado, 89 Farnsworth St. i 22 Rhyll Plant, 191 Happy Valley Rd. 23 41 TOILETS 19 RT ST 4 5 6 8 9 7 10 PY Lot 19, McShanags Lane. 40 FLETCHE ST R 1 ST ST 2 TEMPLET ST ON E TO NEWSTEAD & MALDON CAMPBEL ST L W RO MA LD ON FARNSW ORTH ST 12 GEORGE ST u DOVETON ST 42 URQUHA CHARLES ST Abbie Heathcote, 25 William St. 11 40 RENEES H WY B180 GREENHILL ST RD Y PP HA 22 EY LL VA 41 42 TO CHEWTON FROM MELBOURNE 20 WILLIAMS ST YEATS ST 43 33 maps maps 11 20 Buda Historic Home BERKELE ST Y MIDLAND HW Jan Palethorpe, The Comma, 16 Hargraves St. Les Thornton, 10 Rowe St. 18 BULL ST JAMES ST 10 WARD ST Melissa Scott & Catherine Shields, 24 Hargraves St. M ID LA ND 32 Sculpture Walk, Theatre Royal, 30 Hargraves St. GINGELL ST 9 21 THOMAS ST 13 ED BOWDEN ST 8 Michael Wolfe & Cas Davey, Union Studio, 9 Union St. FARNSW ORTH ST 7 CASPA, 101 Mostyn St. (enter via Hargraves St) Lynne Edey, 75 Hunter St. 19 HUNTER ST 14 VIEW ST 6 18 UNION ST Michelle Day, Heron Gallery, 68 Lyttleton St. David Frazer, 28 Blakeley Rd. KALIMNA PARKER ST HARGRAV ST ES 5 Clayton Tremlett, 5 Blakeley Rd. 17 NewNorthern FOUNDRY WHEELER ST Phil Elson, 89 Templeton St. Marte Newcombe, 11 Kaweka St. 15 WIMBLE ST Y BARKE ST R 4 15 GOLF COURSE TOILETS WALKER ST 16 HALL ST KENNED ST Y 3 DOW NES Heather Barrett, Falkner Gallery, 35 Templeton St. RICHARDS RD 2 HOSPITAL CARAVAN PARK HALFORD ST TURNER ST RD Philip Cordingley, Benchmark Collective, 14 Templeton St. 17 16 BOTANIC GARDENS GAULTON ST 1 TO BEND IGO Castlemaine MYRING ST Melinda Rodnight, Red Gate Studio 60 Berkeley St. Castlemaine Market Building, Mostyn St. Sarah Fowler & Carol De Grauuw, 12 Doveton St. Castlemaine Art Gallery 14 Lyttleton St.
  • Mon tgo mer y St d Ha pp yV all ey R HIGH ST 44 WRIGHT ST d yR d ele 31 Midland Hwy A300 From Castlemaine inst Elph Bla k BARKER ST and H EAGLES RD Bendigo TAVERN Saw mi ll R Mi dl d Harcourt Ho ope rs MARKET ST BUCKLEY ST wy A 30 0 STORE Old Calder A79 one BAGSHAW ST Ben Smith, 19 Buckley St 29 Fryerstown approx 7kms d ly R Gul orse iteh Wh Burn et t R Rai lwa yS t Prior St To Harcourt & Bendigo Odg ers R d 35 maps Fiona ONeill, 73 McManus Rd, Barkers Creek From Castlemaine Golden Point Rd 30 Forest Creek Nursery Pitman St Dean Smith, 2 Kelsall Crt, Castlemaine Chewton h Dina 26 h Rd Rd Katherine Seppings, 50 McGrath St, Castlemaine eld St To Melbourne Fryer s Rd maps 25 Merri fi Railway St Dina Cheryl Kennedy & Linda McLean, 27 McGrath St, Castlemaine Botanic Gardens Mitchell St 180 27 t is h S Corn 24 Barkers Creek wy B ve ns A Brow as tS t 26 Froomes R d Hunter St Kelsall Crt Mc Ma nus Rd Pyr ene es H ce St Walla Castlemaine 30 h St Churc Pr en de rg ld St d 25 St ick R Fryers D ide St Adela 24 St ck St ran Heur Far Van Roderick St B as k e Wes tball St ley H ad ill O ium val 34 t mith S Mount St S North St St phy Mur t eS ur as re TaylorTS t Railway Ave St Merson St Pyrenees Hwy B180 McG rath Ar ch ba Py From Castlemaine ren ee sH wy B1 80 Rd 28 27 Katharina Rapp, Studio Rapp, 57 Pitman Street, Chewton 28 Robert Maclaurin, An Teallach Studio, 29 Hoopers Road, Chewton 29 Scratching the Surface, Old Fryerstown School, 5 Camp Street, Fryerstown 29 Julie Millowick, Old Fryerstown School, 5 Camp Street, Fryerstown
  • 34 Calder Freeway Ol d Willy Milly Rd Ca ld To Newstead Pyrenees Hwy B180 Neil Tait, 1761 Pyrenees Hwy, Castlemaine 34 Maldon Portrait Prize, Uniting Church Hall, Fountain St, Maldon St son omp Th e ur nm Pa St dd Lo Newstead To Taradale A79 37 35 te ws Ne rd sfo yle t St 35 er Rd Rd Nab Mc Brand Lodd on Ri v ad To Sandon approx 6kms r ive R on Da d bR 36 Cemete ry Rd 36 Craig McDonald Garage Art Foundry, 23 Wright St. Pennos Rd Davy S t Old Drum mon d Rd From Castlemaine Pyrenees Hwy B180 d 37 Taradale To Maryborough Pyrenees Hwy B180 R ad st e d ew R k N at wic allar s Cre ick B sw Cre 38 Wine & Produce Store St Jackson De La Bech e 39 Roger McKindley, Antares Iron Art Garden, By the Loddon River ford, corner Brandt St and Punt Rd, Newstead (Off Daylesford Newstead Rd, C285) Diana Orinda Burns Studio Paradiso 833 Creswick/Ballarat Road, Sandon From Malmsbury & Melbourne St 37 maps 33 Group Exhibition, Taradale Hall, High St. t hS maps Catherine Tait, 1761 Pyrenees Hwy, Castlemaine From Castlemaine Pyrenees Hwy B180 39 Hig 33 36 Norma Bailey Ramsay, 110 Diamond Gully Rd, McKenzie Hill, Castlemaine Hw y St Wright 32 er Kate Osborne, 41 Pennos Road. Potts Rd Elphinstone 38 Lyell St 32 Mel bou rne Mart in St Rd Ireland St 33 Diamond Gully Road ll Wi y ill yM urt arco From Castlemaine Pyrenees Hwy B180 McKenzie Hill igo nd Be mH Fro To Maldon approx 15kms From Elphinstone Old Calder Hwy A79
  • Arts Open Plenty Exhibition Venue 41 Market Building, Mostyn Street, Castlemaine From 10am Daily Curated by robyn Walton and featuring works by established local artists. Painters kir larwill and Michael Wolfe, printmaker diana orinda burns, photographers Julie Millowick and robyn Walton, ceramics by dean Smith, sculptors alex Sanson and roger Mckindley and artist lmmaker denise Martin. Lot 19 Group Exhibition Floor Talks Venue 23 Gallery, Lot 19, McShannags Lane, Castlemaine Gallery Open 10am - 4pm Daily See www.lot19art for details on oor talks artists lay bare their current practice and process: featuring sculptor Zoe amor, printmaker roz avent, painter bill Sampson, artist robyn Walton and sculptor and installation artist david Waters. Castlemaine Art Gallery 38 Venue 43 Harcourt Applefest & Community Art Show Venue 44 Saturday 8th March Enjoy Harcourts harvest celebration, festival and art show. Experience food, craft, wine and cider stalls; cooking and gardening workshops; kids carnival and youth zone; great live music and for something completely different, the national Town Crier Championships. Book Signings Venue 41 Market Building, Mostyn Street, Castlemaine 2 pm Saturday see for more info rhyll Plant, The art of Science rob Maclaurin, art of the Scottish landscape Mary Fairburn, Middle Earth Envisioned Helen bodycomb, The divided Heart Venue 5 Venue 28 Venue 19 Michelle Day 11am Monday Herons Gallery, 68 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine lyrical abstract painter Michelle day talks about her inspirations and techniques. Rob Maclaurin 12noon Monday An Teallach Studio, 29 Hoopers Road, Chewton The renown Scottish/australian artist will talk about his work in his studio tucked away in the Chewton bushlands. Les Thornton 6pm Thursday 10 Rowe Street, Castlemaine Many artists use humour to express and explore emotions and ideas. behind the fun is, of course, the serious business of understanding our natural world and communicating to our fellow beings. Tours and Walks Venue 23 Venue 8 Lot 19 with Mark Anstey Gallery, Lot 19, McShannags Lane, Castlemaine 12.30pm and 2pm Saturday and Sunday 15 minute tours of lot19 conducted by Mark anstey, founder and director of lot19. almost all questions will be welcomed, bookings noT required, just meet on the gallery steps... Sculpture Walk, Theatre Royal, Brickyard Gardens, 30 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine From 10am Daily Contemporary sculpture walk curated by Chelly and Peter Gray from Shades of Gray in brickyard Garden at Castlemaines historic Theatre royal. artists include david Waters, Chelly Gray, Peter Gray, Helen bodycomb, alex Sanson, ben laycock, neil Tait and Catherine Tait. Workshops and Demonstrations Venue 22 Woodblock Printmaking Demonstration with Ryhll Plant Studio, 191 Happy Valley Road, Castlemaine 11am Daily Highly experienced printmaker ryhll Plant will be giving demonstrations using woodblock printmaking techniques. 39 oor talks, tours and walks exhibitions and book signings Singular Impressions - Wayne Viney Monotypes Castlemaine Art Gallery, 14 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm Sat-Sun 12pm - 5pm This exhibition surveys Wayne Vineys responses to landscape over the past thirty years. best known for his hauntingly evocative twilight studies, Viney masterfully draws upon the painterly potential of monotypes in his exploration of the pastoral tradition. Artist Floor Talks
  • Workshops and Demonstrations Venue 33 Venue 29 Venue 16 40 Venue workshops and demonstrations 40 Venue 9 Venue 30 3 N0 Open Workshop with Neil Tait Tait Decorative Iron, 1761 Pyrenees Hwy, Castlemaine Open Daily from 10am Taits are designers and manufacturers of quality wrought iron garden furniture, pergolas, wood red ovens, interior products, staircases and sculptures. identity who are you? Cyanotype Workshops with Julie Millowick Old Fryerstown School, Camp Street, Fryerstown 11am Saturday, Sunday and Monday The whole family will enjoy this creative experience. Visit to see cyanotype examples, and the schedule of workshops. I graphic design I photography I I packaging I brand image I I print I web I art I Linocut Printmaking Demonstration with Clayton Tremlett Studio, 5 Blakeley Road, Castlemaine 2pm - 4pm Saturday Clayton Tremlett will be giving demonstrations of his unique linocut printmaking techniques. Printing Without a Press with Melinda Rodnight Red Gate Art Space, 60 Berkeley St, Castlemaine 11am - 12.30pm Sunday Melinda will demonstrate printmaking techniques from her art class that will highlight the wonders of printmaking and the exciting possibilities of making art with children! Chinese Ink and Paper Workshop with Peter Shaw Run Rabbit Run, 24 Hargraves Street, Castlemaine 2pm Sunday $5.00 per person learn about the ancient use of ink and paper in Chinese art and Calligraphy and try yourself with Peter ShawTruex and Qudy. To book contact Peter: 0400 070 485 Oil and Ink Workshop with Fiona ONeill Studio 73, 73 McManus Road, Barkers Creek 11am Monday Workshop with author anne rennie. oil and Ink is an interpretation of paintings and storytelling workshop with participation from the audience. Michael Wolfe Art + Design 9 Union Street Castlemaine m: 0419 365 308 Shop e n Onli Habadash VI NTA GE, A NTI Q U E BU TTO NS , BI TS A ND BO BS Singular Impressions Wayne Viney Monotypes A Maroondah Art Gallery Travelling Exhibition 12 TEMPLETON ST CASTLEMAINE OPEN THURSDAY-SUNDAY 10am - 5pm t: 5470 6476 1 March - 13 April Wayne Viney, Weather I. 2003 monotype, 17.5 x 17.4 cm. 60 x 40 cm (frame) Reproduced courtesy of the artist and James Makin Gallery Castlemaine Art Gallery and Historical Museum 14 Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine, Vic 3450 Ph: (03) 5472 2292 Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm Saturday & Sunday, Public Holidays 12pm to 5pm
  • Maldon Puppet Carnival promises three days of some of the best puppetry artists from across Australia & New Zealand. People of all ages will be thrilled and entertained with one of the oldest art forms in the world. The historic Victorian town of Maldon presents Australias only puppet carnival from March 8-10, 2014. Hosting shows throughout varied venues across the old gold mining town. Initiative of Maldon Inc. For more information contact Kelly Murphy 0412 550 153 MARCH 8TH10TH maldon-puppet-carnival/ 42 Mountains of THE HISTORIC THEATRE ROYAL NEW STATE OF THE ART CINEMA TM Roastery & Euro Caf 1 HALFORD ST CASTLEMAINE VIC 3450 OPEN: MONDAY - FRIDAY 6AM - 4PM tel: (03) 5470 6270 FULLY LICENSED FULLY CAFFEINATED Join the Coffee Revolution: Trade Enquiries Welcome 27 Main StreetMaldon Limited Edition Prints Gifts Framing OPEN 10 - 5 Wednesday to Sunday ph: 0408 844 152 THEATRE ROYAL ENTERTAINING CASTLEMAINE SINCE 1854 30 Hargraves St. Castlemaine VIC 3450 Ph.(03) 5472 1196
  • Y our home for local music, art, food & good company on the roundabout Music during Arts Open Blues Jam Sa turda 3.30pm y union made since 1856 Live Music Sunda 6.30pm y union studio 5472 2205 16 Hargra ves St Castlemaine www. t .au MASTER ART FRAMERS 9 Union Street Castlemaine 44 224 BARKER STREET, CASTLEMAINE PHONE 5479 1500 proudly supporting local arts timber hardware paint hand tools power tools plumbing glazing bathrooms kitchen