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Botswana Safari Tours |Bestway Tours & Safaris Come and experience Africa on one of our Botswana safari Tours! Experience the remarkable untamed life safari, scenes, individuals and societies of Africa. Botswana is one of only a handful few outstanding goals in Africa that still give a decent feeling of the experience of safari. Its broad amusement stops and jam, while offering natural life as different and plenteous as that discovered anyplace else, are still generally undeveloped and untamed. Come encounter Africa on one of our Botswana visits. TRANS-AFRICAN SAFARI A daring overland little gathering safari through three of the most fascinating goals in Southern Africa makes this an ordeal like none other. We cover the absolute most looked for after attractions going overland on an agreeable aerated and cooled 4 x 4 beginning from Windhoek. BOTSWANA UNTOUCHED SAFARI Botswana is one of the few remaining destinations in Africa that still provides a good sense of the adventure of an authentic African safari. Its expansive game parks and preserves, while offering abundant wildlife, are still largely undeveloped and untamed. US Suite 206 - 8678 Greenall Avenue Burnaby, British Columbia Canada V5J 3M6 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (Mon-Fri) Tel: +1-604-264-7378 Toll Free: 1-800-663-0844 (Canada and U.S. residents only) Fax: +1-604-264-7774