Excellent August Montana Adventure

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PowerPoint compilation of my tweets while riding shotgun on the road to Kalispell, Montana on the Big Rig


  • 1. Excellent Montana Adventure

2. Road TripAdventure!!Im leaving tonightwith Flavio todeliver 45,000 lbsof dog food toKalispell Montana! Psalms 18:19 3. "He begins by bombarding our minds w/cleverly devised patterns of irritation,dissatisfaction, doubts, fears, andreasonings.Joyce Meyer 4. Things Ive only everseen inNevada 5. From Quote Soup: If your happiness depends on whatsomebody else does, I guess you do have aproblem. - Richard Bach 6. Rest stopalongthe wayinNevada 7. Sights in Idaho 8. Julia seems to fit inwell as dog oftruckers wife!Shes having a blast! 9. Montana Montage 10. Im gonna live inMontana when I grow up!! Sunriseshots driving to Kalispell 11. An adventure is only an inconvenience rightlyconsidered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered, --G. K. Chesterton 12. I have been toabout 25 states, never seen any place in U.S. as beautiful asnorthernMontana 13. Really enjoyed Pastor Skip radio show: "Aperson becomes like the God he or sheworships - Davids point in Psalm 115 (Skipheitzig.com Broadcast for Aug 10) 14. Idaho sunsets, they seem to lastforever whenyoure drivingwest! 15. After long dayin the truck,romantic stroll along acounty roadin everlasting Idaho sunset really getsthe kinks out! 16. GoodnightIdaho! 17. Well, I slept rightthru Idahossunrise - but was amazed bythis morning view of the Snake River as we drove past! 18. Snake River -reminiscent ofGrandCanyon! Like alittle nephew! 19. This rock formationalong the NevadaInterstatelooks like anEaster Island face, whatdo youthink? 20. We listened to and really enjoyed PastorSkip Radio Broadcast:The Law of Moses modifies behavior,but never rectifies character. It points usto the solution that is Christ.(Skipheitzig.comBroadcast for Aug 10) 21. JoyceMeyer makes anawesome point!!Do you serve God or do youserve your feelings? Believethe Word of God over andabove your feelings. 22. A cross between a rollercoaster ride and awormhole to anotherworld!!Carlin Tunnel 23. Last Stop,Rest Area in Nevada 24. Great dinner conversation:me- so how do you know ifyour passion is an idol?Flavio- Easy! An idol isanything that makes Godjealous! 25. Back in CA!These sunsetshot graced our return to the Bay Area. This whole trip was blessed! 26. Almost home,the sun setsover theSacramento River 27. (The next morning)The sun rises over my ownhouse, too!