The meandering matriarch’s excellent adventure

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The Meandering Matriarchs Excellent Adventure

The Meandering Matriarchs Excellent AdventureMy Expedition Cruise to New Zealand and the Sub-Antarctic on the Orion 1

A Wet Landing on Macquarie Island

The Elephant Seals Arent Bothered

But the Penguins Are Curious

And some are confused

The Welcoming Committee Turns Out to Greet Us

They seem eager to show us around

The King Penguins disagree about whos in charge

So a Gentoo goes to get help

The Royal Penguins are busy

Some have other things on their minds

But someone finally takes things seriously

A parade is organizedThe King Penguins do themselves proud

Approval from the RoyalsWell done, ladsFollowing the parade, we had time to mingle with the locals

We were clearly more interested in them than they were in us.

They seem to get along with each other well enough. At least on land

The elephant seals had their own version of a parade

The juvenile males spent their time play-fighting; training for when they grow up.

As if the beauty of the place, and the locals on the beach werent enough, we were directed to a boardwalk up to a royal penguin rookery.

And, oh, my! What a sight!

Tens of thousands of royal penguins and their chicks

How cute are these little guys!

Royal Penguins just seem to have more fun. Are they doing the Happy Dance?

But, alas, our ship is waiting

I thought theyd never leaveAnd its time to say goodbye to Macquarie Island