Top 10 things to do in auckland

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Top-10 Things to do in Auckland Auckland, New Zealand the city of dreams!! It is one of the most amazing places to be looked upon. They offer you with a unique combination of breathtaking natural surroundings along with a blend of new cultures. You can always search for Cheap Auckland flight online as per your choices. If you have planned to visit Auckland, you might have included the tallest buildings in the Southern hemisphere the sky Tower. You will surely love the amazing 192-meter flight and this experience will surely leave you breathless. You might be looking to choose top-10 Things to do in Auckland as per your wish. Here is a list of few that you can select. Have a look at the Viaduct Basin- Whenever you walk around the Auckland's Viaduct Basin and its surrounding areas, you will really feel great. The Cloud to Silo Park is one of the best things that you can always do in Auckland for free. You can always enjoy ice-creams in the old Ferry Building at the bottom of Queen Street. You can observe the harbor coming and going with the cruise liner as soon as you start licking your ice-cream. There are several fancy restaurants in the Viaduct Basin where you can look out to Devonport across the water. Enjoy the Mission Bay- The renowned family-friendly beach is of course a short drive from the city centre. You can also get enclosures with the penguin and enjoy the great view of of Rangitoto and the Auckland skyline. The Playground, fish and chip shops are really amazing to view at. It is always a romantic spot for walking along the beach during night time. The Belgian pub is always the best place if you love wines. Explore the Tiritiri Matangi Island- It is one of the most beautiful islands in the Hauraki Gulf which is a sanctuary for native New Zealand wildlife. This island will really help you in making more aware of the flora and fauna of New Zeeland. Walk along the Parnell Road at night- Parnell Road is quite ordinary during the day time with its expensive boutique shops. There are several restaurants tucked away down fairy light along the gothic buildings. Parnell is one of the Auckland's oldest suburbs and contains galleries along with a rose garden and a cathedral. Visit the Auckland Zoo- If you have kids along with you on the holiday trip, zoo is a must. The place has a world class zoo and you can easily enjoy the whole day there itself. You will come across several large and impressive animals in the zoo. The place is a home to many native New Zealand species, like kiwi and tuatara. Visit the Hauraki Gulf- You can always search for a pod and enjoy swimming with the dolphins along the Hauraki Gulf Discover the domain- You can enjoy spending a lovely afternoon relaxing in the Auckland Domain. They are free and have gorgeous gardens to wander through. Queen Street- It is one of the hustle and bustle of the Auckland's epicenter. You will often see tourists walking up and down along the side of Queen Street. Sky tower- You can always book a table for an evening meal in the revolving restaurant whenever you come to Auckland. Enjoy a show- Auckland has a heap of theatre and the most popular one is the Civic. They perform all the big, international musicals. Reference:-