UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa Application Form

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UK Entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa Application FormThe application form for the UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa speaks clearly about the various documents and formalities which the migration department at UK makes mandatory. An increased influx of the applications has made it imperative for the authorities at UK to simplify the process and at the same time comprehensive. The UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa application form makes a clear mention of every necessary document in detail. The applicant is required to fill in every minute detail about his professional, academic and demographic aspect. The UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa application form is designed to validate the candidature as per the requirements of the UK entrepreneur Tier 1 Visa for the business investors.The Tier 1 Visa application form takes information on 5 different accounts and each account is assigned points. The candidate is required to obtain a minimum of 95 points, based on the authentic information, to qualify for the visa conditions. 25 points are assigned to the business investor if he has access to a minimum of 200,000 as investment fund or a minimum of 50,000 as Venture Capital Fund. The candidate is further assigned 25 points if any of the financial institutions in UK have confirmed the availability of the Investment / Venture capital fund with them, in writing. The candidate is also accessed for the disposable funds to make sure that his or her business expenses are met during the visa period. The availability of maintenance fund gets the candidate an addition of 25 points. The application form also asks the candidate to reveal about the maintenance funds and the proficiency with the English language, for which the candidate is assigned 10 points each. A successful compilation of 95 points makes the person eligible for the visa application. UK entrepreneur tier 1 visa application form is therefore a one stop guide that takes the candidate through all his visa formalities in the most precise manner. However, on a more practical not, it is advisable that the intending business investor should also produce the photocopies of each and every document along with the application form. Also, the photocopies should have been duly attested by the authorities. The application form can be submitted about three months prior to the date of traveling. But it is still suggested that the ticket bookings should be made only once the visa has been approved. In UK, the time taken for visa depends on the nationality of the candidate. The visa application form makes it mandatory for the candidate to submit1. All the necessary details about education, profession and experience2. All the necessary details on Investment fund / Venture Capital fund 3. A confirmation from any of the financial institutions in UK about the access to funds4. A certificate claiming that the candidate is free of any epidemic pathogen5. The necessary bio-metric detailsA timely and proper submission of all the required papers along with the Application form should make sure that the candidate gets the visa promptly.